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Admissions Policy

During visit at Deira Private School, parents should complete the Application Form

Interview & Assessment

Upon receipt of Application Form, you will be informed at once or contacted by the admission office to set an Interview with the Principal or EYFS Coordinator or given an Assessment date. Please note to bring a copy of the Current School Report of the children.

On a scheduled date, the students are interviewed or assessed on their English & Maths skills. The assessment will take about one (1) hour.

  • To proceed with the assessment, AED 500 assessment fee must be paid. Please note that it is Non-Refundable regardless of the result of the assessment.

FS students are interviewed and observed by the EYFS Coordinator. Please note that FS students are required to be fully toilet trained.

Result of Assessment

Acceptance to Deira Private School will depend upon the results of the assessment, student interview and previous school history. You will be advised of the status either by phone, by email or in person.

DePS will offer places to families where spaces are available and the school can meet the needs of the child. Applications are dealt with on a first come first served basis.


Siblings of current pupils are given priority if the year group is at capacity. Sibling discounts are also available.

It is the policy of the school that siblings shall receive discounted fees. The deductions apply to school fees only. Deductions are to be calculated as follows:

Sibling Deduction Rating
Sibling 1 10%
Sibling 2 13%
Sibling 3 15%
Sibling 4 15%

Waiting Lists

Where a year group is at capacity, a child may be placed on the waiting list. The parent will be contacted if and when a place becomes available. If a place is offered it must be accepted or declined within one week.

Applications For the Next Academic Year

These can be made at any time, and admissions assessments will begin in Term 1.

Medical Records

The school requires current and accurate information regarding your child’s medical requirements, and that you update the school should the circumstances change. We require records of previous medical treatments, allergies, and vaccination records on registration.

Placement of Pupils After Enrolment

DePS places pupils in the correct year group in accordance with their age on 31st August if starting school for the first time or in accordance with their year/grade progression, as per KHDA policy. To maintain equality and diversity in our classes, and to allow pupils to better support each other’s academic and social development, we place children in the class by considering nationality, language ability, gender, friendship and additional learning needs.


Deira Private School is a co-educational school.


Deira Private School operates a fair and non-discriminatory approach to the selection of pupils to enable a diverse and rich cultural experience for all children and members of the school community.

Admissions Deadlines

Admissions are currently open for pupils in FS1 to Year 6 for the 2020/21 academic year. All enquiries are accepted.


Children are eligible for re-registration for the next academic year. Re-admissions fees are due in April of each year.

Families Moving Their Children from Other Private Schools In Dubai

To complete your registration process, we need to have a Leaving certificate from your child’s previous school. Please speak to your child’s previous school asking them to send this across. Please be reminded that you will be required to pay a fee for processing to the previous school.

Families Coming from Outside the UAE

Your child will need a Leaving Certificate from their previous school, in the previous country.

The Leaving Certificate should include the following information:
  • Certificate printed on the previous school letterhead, stamped and signed by the Principal
  • Confirmation of the school curriculum/ and total number of school years
  • Confirmation of the child’s date of joining and withdrawal
  • Confirmation of the last attended year / grade and the academic results