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Leadership Skills

Students in the Primary School have several opportunities to develop leadership skills. The Student Council and the House System offer multi-faceted roles and events for students to inculcate not just leadership qualities but also team work skills.

Friendship Ambassadors

Year 4, 5 and 6 students are given an opportunity to offer their time as Friendship Ambassadors in the Primary School. The role includes creating a nurturing and friendly environment. DePS has zero tolerance for bullying and promotes a safe, happy, and inclusive environment where all students feel safe and accepted. Students support one another to enable all to feel valued and included.

House System

DePS operates a traditional British house system that fosters teamwork, resilience and sporting etiquette. There are four houses, which are named after character traits we aspire to cultivate in our students. These are Respect House (represented by the Elephant), Courage House (represented by the Lion), Wisdom House (represented by the Owl), and Spirit House (represented by the Horse).

How are houses assigned?

Every student is assigned to a house for the duration of his or her time at the DePS. All school staff are also assigned to a house and remain in that house for their entire time at DePS.

Features of the House System

Being a part of a house enhances each student’s sense of identity and belonging, and creates a spirit of friendly collaboration and cooperation. This friendly rivalry is given ample opportunity to manifest itself in a wide-range of inter-house competitions and events across year groups, Key Stages and the whole school. Houses provide a mutually supportive and positive vertical structure whereby older students support and interact with younger students. Fun and friendly competition, across both sporting and academic pursuits, brings out the very best in our children and serves to give every child the opportunity to contribute towards his or her house, to the school and to the wider community.

House Points

House points are awarded on a daily basis and any member of staff may award house points. Points are given for: high standards of work, visible progress, consistent improvement, or sustained effort.

Supporting the ‘DePS Values’

There is strong link between the House system and our aims in promoting the DePS Values. The DePS Values define the key attributes of a DePS student and encapsulate our aspirations for the whole school community.

House Leadership

  • House Leader (a member of our teaching staff who takes a key leadership responsibility to manage their House)
  • House Captain (a Year 6 student who is selected by process of interview)
  • House Vice-Captain (a Year 5 student who is selected by student vote).
  • The House System provides exciting opportunities for the development of leadership skills among our students.