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The DePS Promise

At DePS, we promise that we will always put the children first and remain forever committed to making our school a place where ‘every child is special’. We promise that

  • Your children will love coming to our school.
  • Your child will feel valued, respected and important.
  • Your child’s safety, wellbeing and happiness will be most important to us.
  • Your child will get personal care and attention.
  • Your child will benefit from highly qualified and trained teachers using modern and effective teaching methods.
  • No child will be left behind – we will cater to the different needs of children to ensure each child reaches their highest potential;
  • We will focus on your child’s strengths while we support them to develop their character and skills that will prepare them for life.
  • We will give creative learning opportunities for every child to ensure they receive a holistic education.
  • Your children will learn and make progress in all areas of endeavour, whether it is academics, art or sports.
  • We will communicate with you regularly about your child’s learning, development and wellbeing.
  • Parents will be our partners in their child’s education journey.

DePS Skill Set

At DePS, we aim to achieve these purposes through focused development of the following skill set:

Our Values

  • Responsibility
  • Excellence
  • Equality
  • Respect

Our Motto

  • Ad vitam paramus - Preparing for Life