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Happiness and Wellbeing

Download: Wellbeing Policy and Procedure

At Deira Private School, students' happiness and wellbeing are not just priorities – they are the heartbeats that guide our every endeavour.

We believe that education extends beyond textbooks, and true growth encompasses not only academic success but also emotional resilience and personal fulfillment. Our commitment to students' happiness is evident in every corner of our campus.

From our warm and supportive learning environment to dedicated counselling services, we ensure that every student feels valued, heard, and understood. We foster a sense of belonging through diverse clubs and activities that allow them to pursue their passions and build lasting friendships.

Our teachers are not just educators; they are mentors who inspire, challenge, and uplift. By nurturing a growth mindset and encouraging self-expression, we empower our students to embrace their unique strengths and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Through initiatives promoting mindfulness, kindness, and positive mental health, we equip our students with the tools to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. Our commitment to their wellbeing extends beyond the classroom, cultivating a lifelong foundation for success and happiness.

At Deira Private School, students are not only educated – they are celebrated, supported, and cherished. Join us in fostering a community where happiness thrives, and every student's potential blossoms in an atmosphere of care and positivity.

KHDA Inspection Report 22-23: A Commitment to Safety and Wellbeing

The most recent KHDA inspection report judgement on Deira Private School's Health & Safety, including Arrangements for Child Protection / Safeguarding across All Phases (all year levels) is Very Good.

What the KHDA Inspection Report 22-23 says

"The school is highly effective in keeping all students safe and secure. Child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly. Appropriate training is provided for all staff and policies are shared with parents."

"Regular maintenance and safety checks ensure that the facilities are safe and support learning. The school buildings, equipment and resources continue to be updated to match students’ growing educational needs. Records of health and safety procedures are up to date. Appropriate risk assessments are completed."

"Students are carefully supervised both in school and when on school transport. The school promotes safe and healthy living through morning assemblies, displays and events. Students receive regular guidance from the medical staff on healthy lifestyles. Lunch box monitors promote healthy eating."

How do we focus on wellbeing?

Class teachers in primary spend time listening, understanding and helping students with any concerns they might have. They help students to build their own personal network of support. Our pastoral programmes are designed to meet the needs of individual students and specific groups of students.

This is supported through a range of initiatives throughout the year, such as Wellbeing Week, workshops for students and parents, assemblies and activities with the class teacher. We also have a buddy programme and peer listener programme where students receive training on how to become active listeners and mentor their younger peers. This is helpful, because we understand that sometimes students would prefer to talk to their peers, rather than a teacher.

What support is available if a student is feeling anxious?

There is always somebody listening. Whether this is the primary class teacher or School Counsellor. Students may be referred to the School Counsellor by a teacher, or they may approach her themselves if they want to reach out to somebody for a little support.

At DePS, we work hard to form strong relationships and bonds of trust between all students and staff. We also use a range of internal and external surveys that allow us to carefully track and monitor levels of wellbeing across the school. Pastoral teams meet regularly to discuss this information and, if necessary, we adapt our pastoral programmes to meet the needs of our students. This way we are always keeping our finger on the pulse of wellbeing.