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Digital Learning

Google Workspace / GSuite for Education

Technology is embedded in our education. We are members of GSuite for Education (Google Workspace). This enables our students to have seamless collaboration making it easy for everyone in the school to interact and work together. It provides integrated communication with email, chat and video within a secure system providing best-in-class, multilayered security.

The easy to use tools built into Drive provide students with a multitude of productivity opportunities including, word-processing, spreadsheets, presentation, forms, and website design. All classes use Google Classroom. This tool enables blended learning and helps us efficiently manage and assess progress while enhancing connections with learners from home, school or on the go.

Student Communities

Each student has their own Student Community within Google Currents through which parents and relevant teachers can interact in a private environment to discuss all aspects of your child’s work at DePS. This opens a continuous private communication channel to enable close liaison between home and school.

Google Meet

All lessons taught in school are broadcast for distance learners via Google Meet. In addition events, assemblies, productions and other occasions are shared online with recordings of all sessions available for students and parents to view via Google Classroom / Calendar.

Linguascope for French

Bienvenue to a world of language learning at Deira Private School, powered by Linguascope for French! Embark on an interactive journey that brings the charm of the French language and culture to life. With Linguascope, students engage in immersive activities, vibrant visuals, and dynamic exercises that make mastering French both enjoyable and effective. Expand your horizons through the art of language with Linguascope for French at Deira Private School.

Collins E-Books and Collins Connect

Welcome to the forefront of education at Deira Private School, where innovation meets learning through Collins E-Book and Collins Connect. As integral components of our digital learning ecosystem, these platforms seamlessly blend interactive e-books, multimedia resources, and collaborative tools. Together, they empower students and educators to engage, explore, and excel in an evolving educational landscape. Embrace the future of learning through Collins E-Book and Collins Connect at Deira Private School.

Asafeer for Arabic A and Arabic B

Marhaba to a transformative Arabic learning experience at Deira Private School, facilitated by Asafeer for Arabic A and B! As part of our digital learning landscape, Asafeer offers students an immersive and engaging experience, fostering a deep connection with Arabic language, literature, and traditions. Asafeer immerses students in engaging activities, rich content, and interactive exercises, making Arabic come alive in a digital landscape. Join us in adventuring into the world with Asafeer for Arabic A and B at Deira Private School, where learning becomes a cultural adventure.


Welcome to a new dimension of interactive learning at Deira Private School, powered by Kahoot! As a dynamic part of our digital education strategy, Kahoot takes engagement and enthusiasm to the next level. Through gamified quizzes, surveys, and challenges, students are empowered to learn actively, compete, and collaborate like never before. Join us in celebrating the thrill of learning through Kahoot's innovative platform, making education an exciting adventure at Deira Private School.


Step into a world of interactive education at Deira Private School with Nearpod! As an integral part of our digital learning framework, Nearpod transforms traditional lessons into engaging experiences. From captivating presentations to real-time quizzes and collaborative activities, Nearpod empowers students to actively participate and immerse themselves in their studies. Join us in stepping into the future of learning through Nearpod's interactive platform, where education becomes an exciting journey at Deira Private School.


Welcome to a realm of personalised learning at Deira Private School, powered by Lexia! As an integral part of our digital learning landscape, Lexia revolutionises literacy education. Through its adaptive approach, engaging activities, and real-time progress tracking, Lexia empowers students to master reading skills at their own pace. Read away to the future of literacy education through Lexia, where each learner's journey becomes a pathway to reading success at Deira Private School.

EduKey (TES)

Welcome to a world of personalised support at Deira Private School, powered by EduKey! As a cornerstone of our digital learning initiative, EduKey ensures that every student's unique requirements are not just met, but embraced. Through tailored tools, customized plans, and collaborative communication, EduKey empowers students with diverse needs to thrive and succeed in their educational journey. Join us in fostering inclusivity and personalised learning through EduKey, where every student's potential is nurtured at Deira Private School.

Provision Map

Welcome to a world of tailored support and student empowerment at Deira Private School, powered by Provision Map, part of TES! As a key element of our digital learning approach, Provision Map transforms personalized education. Through individualised plans, progress tracking, and collaborative communication, Provision Map ensures that each student's unique needs are met. Join us in championing inclusivity and targeted learning through Provision Map, where every student's journey to success is guided at Deira Private School.


Welcome to a world of enriched literacy at Deira Private School, enhanced by Raz-Plus! As a pivotal aspect of our digital learning framework, Raz-Plus elevates reading to new dimensions. With its extensive collection of leveled books, interactive exercises, and comprehensive tools, Raz-Plus empowers students to become proficient readers. Join us in nurturing a passion for reading and unleashing the power of words through Raz-Plus at Deira Private School.

Corbett Maths

Welcome to a realm of mathematical mastery at Deira Private School, powered by Corbett Maths! As an integral component of our digital education journey, Corbett Maths reshapes the way we approach mathematics. With its engaging videos, interactive quizzes, and comprehensive resources, Corbett Maths empowers students to build strong mathematical foundations. Join us in wandering through the world of numbers, problem-solving, and mathematical confidence through Corbett Maths at Deira Private School.

Bring Your Own Device

Students have a "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) programme. BYOD augments teaching and learning methods, establishing greater interactivity, connectivity, collaboration, discovery, and processing of information, as well as access to information, besides spurring creative thinking and innovation. The secure Wi-Fi coverage at our school allows students to bring in their own devices and connect to the school network, internet, Virtual Learning Environment, e-library, e-resources, software and hardware, and use the devices within classrooms and school for enhanced and interactive learning.